NLP: Certification Levels

NLP Introduction

This can be as short as an afternoon or last 1-2 days. Introduction courses provide you with a way to find out if NLP is for you and whether you like the trainer`s style.  Some schools offer FREE online options as introductions too which you can complete from work OR home.


Diplomas / Foundation Courses

Typically these are 3 to 4 day courses. These types of courses tend to provide the basic methodologies of NLP, which include introductory subjects such as language patterns, understanding sensory acuity, building and maintaining rapport and other useful tools. You may be provided with a certificate of attendance on completion as show that you have demonstrated an understanding of the content delivered.


 NLP Practitioner

If you are serious about becoming a skilful NLP Practitioner then you should avoid courses offering less than 120 hours of study. The 120hrs study time can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on your chosen provider.  The most popular options are:

  • ALL classroom (can take approx. 18 days)
  • Blended training (combining pre-course study materials & classroom delivery)

We have reviewed and spoken to many NLP providers over the last few years and believe that those who put the customer first recognise the importance of providing a solid training syllabus which gives new NLP Practitioners the best possible learning experience.  It is true to say that to become a skilful NLP Practitioner does take practice, so don’t expect to be ‘fully fluent’ on completing any NLP Practitioner Training, like with new experience repetition is key. Make the time to apply and develop your skills in the workplace, at home or in new environments.

IMPORTANT TIP: It is also important that the company with whom you choose to do your training offers access to refresher sessions, post course support, free resources and materials so you have chance to reflect and get advice when you need it.


Master Practitioner

The NLP Master Practitioner Training peels open the skills you learnt at Practitioner level and goes into the subjects in far more depth, especially modelling, language, values and quantum linguistics. Delegates will develop skills to change beliefs and values they have about themselves and others, whilst learning the greater subtleties of reading and using body language,  influential skills to identify strategies.

A good NLP Master Practitioner training should take approximately 120 hours to complete.  Delivery can vary by providers, similarly to that of the NLP Practitioner.

IMPORTANT TIP: Some providers may also go further by offering additional certificates which complement the NLP techniques, providing you with additional life changing tools.


NLP Trainers Trainer

For those of you who would like to be able to deliver their own NLP Practitioner / NLP Master Practitioner Training, then the next step is to take an NLP Trainers Training programme. This course will prepare you with the skills you need to be able to demonstrate excellent NLP techniques and deliver the NLP experience to others. At this level you really focus on the structure, delivery and presentation skills needed to teach NLP to the highest levels

It is our opinion and that of the wider NLP Community that in order to deliver NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses, that ALL trainer should hold a valid NLP Trainers certificate themselves.

Very few people in the UK are recognised as being able to deliver NLP Trainers Training through reputable accreditation bodies so make sure you do your homework, and understand what you are getting for your money.


What is a Master Trainer?

A Master Trainer of NLP, is someone who can deliver NLP Trainers Training and issue an NLP Trainers certificate to an NLP Trainer. There are very few NLP Master Trainers in the UK and to give you an idea of how much a person needs to complete within the field of NLP to obtain this title, here are the guidelines set out by the ABNLP accreditation body for their own students: